Customs duties
The customs clearance operations are coordinated by internal and external CADs, who manages all the customs duties for export and import operations. Premises of EPM are close to the customs office (Roma 1) and are located in a bonded warehouse facility. Procedures are consequently more efficient and integrated with warehousing.

Warehousing and inventory management
EPM provides warehousing and handling of the majority of goods having at disposal a network of partners’ warehouses counting more than 100.000sqm in the area of Santa Palomba (Rome). EPM can handle T controlled goods, textile, e-Commerce and palletized stocks. EPM provides support to customize services and integrate IT systems.

Forwarding and transport
EPM provides national and international transport services through its partners over a global network and including road transrtpo, maritime transport, air cargo and rail freight, giving support to the feasibility study of the solution and providing the shipping procedure.

EPM provides management services, from operational services to administration of logistics plants.